Brittany Kesler, Ph.D.

My goal is to empower women to create the future they desire


My goal is to empower
women to create the
future they desire


Dr. Kesler has a PhD in Psychology. Further, Dr. Kesler is certified in clinical anxiety treatment (CCATP), as well as mental health nutrition and integrative medicine (CMHIMP). She has integrated over 10 years of academic research in clinical settings with practical applications helping clients accelerate significant life changes. Professionally trained in psychological issues and therapies, she fuses psychotherapy with life coach practices to provide a solution-driven approach for her clients.


Individualized sessions help clients experience breakthroughs in self development, relationships, career, mindset and lifestyle. Core topics include anxiety, depression, interpersonal relationships, life stage transitions, perfectionism, and integrative medicine. Dr. Kesler has gained a profound understanding of applied therapeutic techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Strengths-Based, Solution Focused, Family Systems Theory and Motivational Interviewing, to help gain in-depth knowledge of her clientele’s mental, emotional, and behavioral patterns.


Dr. Kesler has found working with women on topics such as personal growth, mindset, self-trust, and empowerment to be especially impactful and rewarding. Because of this, her work is devoted to sharing knowledge, tools, and resources to help women create a life of happiness, authenticity, and fulfillment. The goal of Alta Life Coaching is to inspire women to cultivate overall mind-body-spirit wellness.

I've had the honor of helping my clients with topics including:

Behavioral change and
goal formation



Self exploration
and self-esteem




Overcoming fears and insecurities


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"I would highly recommend Brittany! If you are looking for true, lasting change in your life, whether professional or personal, you have found your guide! She has an innate talent in knowing what exactly it is you need from each session. She provides life-altering advice and perspectives that allow you to see beyond the limitations of your mind, and gain the control back in your life."

Taylor A.
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"Brittany entered my life during an extremely confusing and difficult time, and has helped me regain a sense of momentum and self that I previously had not known. She provided the motivation and goal setting for my future. She is the first person I have found to give me the necessary tools to help me work my way out of my problems. If you are struggling with life’s bigger questions, transition periods, or feeling stagnant or helpless, I would recommend Brittany to help."

Meaghan D.
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"I started working with Brittany after I had recently quit my last job, decided on a career change, and was completely unsure of where I was to go from there. I was living in a constant state of fear. I instantly connected with her as she opened up my eyes to the reality I had created for myself. She has been my confidant and guide throughout the entire career change process, helping me open doors of possibilities I never even thought I had available before."

Kristin G.
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"My experience with Brittany was full of insight and purpose. With her guidance I was able to finally start creating a life I truly loved. My time with her was incredibly positive, action-oriented, and an insightful experience to finally pursue something greater for myself."

Becca T.
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"Brittany has guided me in gaining self-confidence, trusting and believing in myself even against all of the limitations created by my mind. She helped me process some of the emotions that were holding me back and make concrete action. The accountability- but without the judgment- was exactly what I needed. I highly recommend Brittany to anyone interested in life coaching!"

Natalie V.